using fully qualified email address as XMPP username

Brady J. Frey brady at
Wed Sep 23 18:58:50 EDT 2009

I did not know that wasn't a legal character, thank you for the update:) 
- we're running iChat server for chat (we use it for chat and file 
services, Linux for web and collaboration), most likely the reason for 
the unusual errors. It was a hold over from long ago, and does it's 
job... but apparently does not connect at all in pigin.

Using your method for authoritative server in the advanced tabs did the 
trick, login is live! Now, unfortunately, the user can talk to other 
people on Pigin or not on Pigin, but can't receive a response. They also 
do see any buddies in their list, when other clients like Adium, iChat, 
and Psi see it just fine.

I'll keep digging around before I jump ship. Thank you for the guidance 

Paul Aurich wrote:
> On Sep 23, 2009, at 14:57, Brady J. Frey wrote:
>> Good afternoon everyone,
>> We've been slowly migrating our users worldwide off of the Windows 
>> platform, but had a bit of a problem using our own custom Jabber 
>> server with Pigin. We have multiple domains, so we use fully 
>> qualified email addresses as the username, thus:
>> bob.joe at
>> ...would be the full username. Of course, everytime we do that, Pigin 
>> pulls the domain out and pops it into the domain field, regardless if 
>> that field is already full.
>> Anyone know of a workaround so that I can get an ampersand as part of 
>> the username? Thank you!
>> Brady J. Frey 
> The short answer is you probably need to enter the usernames as 
> "bob.joe\" (replace '@' with "\40").  An '@' is not a 
> legal character in the Jabber ID node (username).
> Just to make sure, though, are each of these domains configured as a 
> vhost on the XMPP server? IOW, does the XMPP server think it is the 
> authoritative server for (et al)? If so, you want to set 
> up the accounts as:
>     Username: bob.joe
>     Domain:
> and on the Advanced Tab:
>     Connect Server: our-jabber-server.blah.internal  (this causes 
> Pidgin to connect directly to this server instead of relying on the 
> results of a SRV lookup on
> ~Paul 

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