Multiparty Chat

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You can use Pidgin and any of the protocols that support multi user
 - MSN
 - Jabber(XMPP/gtalk)
 - IRC (oldie but goldie) (the others require registering a username
with password, IRC doesn't)
 - others I don't know in detail


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> I subscribed to this list to learn more about Pidgin so that 
> I could ask 
> intelligent questions, but most of the discussions are about 
> topics that 
> far exceed my understanding of Pidgin's capabilities. Currently, a 
> number of people in my group chat on a BBS using the site's internal 
> flash client. Not only does the board require a monthly or annual 
> subscription that is too expensive, but also the moderators 
> are getting 
> extremely restrictive in what can be chatted. Therefore, I 
> want to set 
> up a chat room that requires a login to access (membership 
> required, but 
> not paid membership.) Some people would want to use a web 
> interface, but 
> I would want to use Pidgin, as some others probably would.
> Can you recommend a service to host the chat? Is there 
> software that I 
> can install on my cPanel-hosted shared server account? Pidgin is my 
> current IM client for AOL and Yahoo, but it is amazing to see 
> how much 
> more it can do.
> Thanks!
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