using fully qualified email address as XMPP username

Brady J. Frey brady at
Thu Sep 24 12:18:48 EDT 2009

Good morning Paul,
It looks like you answered this question for one of our developers on 
irc just now (lakin) - thank you for that! So we had to include 
resources, must have been a user error on our part. Many thanks for your 
help and guidance on this solution, have a great day!

Paul Aurich wrote:
> On Sep 23, 2009, at 15:58, Brady J. Frey wrote:
>> I did not know that wasn't a legal character, thank you for the 
>> update:) - we're running iChat server for chat (we use it for chat 
>> and file services, Linux for web and collaboration), most likely the 
>> reason for the unusual errors. It was a hold over from long ago, and 
>> does it's job... but apparently does not connect at all in pigin.
>> Using your method for authoritative server in the advanced tabs did 
>> the trick, login is live! Now, unfortunately, the user can talk to 
>> other people on Pigin or not on Pigin, but can't receive a response. 
>> They also do see any buddies in their list, when other clients like 
>> Adium, iChat, and Psi see it just fine.
>> I'll keep digging around before I jump ship. Thank you for the 
>> guidance again! 
> Attach the output of the Help->Debug Window when connecting to one of 
> the accounts in Pidgin, please. What versions of Pidgin and Adium are 
> you using? How was the account in Adium configured?
> I ask because Adium and Pidgin use the same underlying library 
> (libpurple) for connections, so if it works in Adium, it definitely 
> should be working in Pidgin, too.
> ~Paul 

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