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Tue Sep 29 15:48:22 EDT 2009

I did not find any information on my question.  I have a new computer and
just installed Pidgin 2.6.2.  On my other computer I had Pidgin 2.6.1
installed.  In versions 2.6.1 and prior I was able to view the idle status
of my buddy list right in the chat window.  I do not see that happening in
Pidgin 2.6.2, it always shows the person as online, never as idle, logging
off or online.  Is this new to 2.6.2 or is it my computer?  If its new, is
there a way too show the idle status etc. of my friends in the chat window -
and yes I have enabled idle times under Buddies, Show, Idle Times.  If there
is no way to correct this I would like to install 2.6.1 on my computer but I
did not see a download for that.  Where would I find that on your site?  Any
help would be appreciated.
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