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thank you but today all seems ok on pidgin - msn.


On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 11:58 PM, David Woolley
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> Silvia Zamperin wrote:
>> I have a problem with connection on pidgin with my hotmail account.
> Did you mean your MSN account?  That's breaking news.  Given the importance
> of MSN, I'm sure someone will start working on it as soon as the news
> reaches them.  I'd suggest monitoring the bug tracker as that is more likely
> to tell you the progress of the workarounds.
>> Do you know if someone is managing it?
> I can't find any recent bug tracker entry for the current MSN problem, so I
> suspect it is too new.  Are you able to produce a properly documented bug
> report? If so, I'd suggest creating one on
> These are the current, recent, open bugs with MSN in the subject. #12210 is
> too old to be the current issue.
> Ticket           Summary
> #12210  MSN won't connect anymore
> #12339  "msn/*" contacts folded into non-existant "msn" email
> address
> #12387  Pidgin crashes if MSN direct connections are enabled.
> #12388  Pidgin since 2.7.0. crashes msn live messenger clients
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