Google Talk

Hurst jhurst1988 at
Sat Aug 7 16:40:19 EDT 2010


I have been trying out various IM clients such as Miranda, Trillian, and 
now Pidgin to replace the native gtalk client as it keeps hanging on me.

However I am unable to log in on Pidgin. After attempting to log in I 
get "jhurst1988 at disconnected  Unable to connect" with 
the options to modify or reconnect.

Reconnecting repeats the cycle of attempting to connect and failing.

Modifying takes me back to the page where I input my username 
"jhurst1988" and my domain "", and selected "Google Talk" 
as the protocol. The protocol then defaults to XMPP.

What can I do to connect to Google Talk on Pidgin?

Thank you.

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