Need help using libpurple

Frank Puccino frankpuccino at
Sat Aug 7 16:55:05 EDT 2010

I've been trying to figure out how to use libpurple
in a very simple application.

I have an old computer in my house and
one of the things
this machine does is detect
whether a particular door in
the house has
just opened or closed.

Right now, I have that machine post a tweeton a private
Twitter account.

I would now like to give this machine its ownAIM account
and have it send me a messageon AIM.  The only messages
that will be sent 
are literally "front door open" and
"front door closed."

It appears that libpurple is a commonly usedlibrary for
dealing with various instant messagingprotocols and is
even used in Adium, but it is terriblycomplicated and
I can't figure out how to use it.

Does anybody have or know of a simple code samplethat
uses libpurple?
I just need to give it an AIM login, AIM password and
literally be able to send "front door open/closed" to
another person on AIM.


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