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Mon Aug 23 17:27:53 EDT 2010

seah jiun teo wrote:
> Dear support,

Technically, there is no "support" department.  This is a public, peer 
support, mailing list, where users help each other, although some of the 
developers also help out.

> I installed pidgin in my computer and I'd wish to use it without any 
> difficulties. Anyhow, I just dunno why it could not support chinese 
> typing? And all the plugins seem so un-user-friendly, I totally lost on 

I just tried Chinese on a more or less default install and it just 
worked, with no trouble at all.

That was:

Pidgin version: 2.7.1 (then upgraded to 2.7.3 and it still just worked)
OS: Windows XP SP3
Service: MSN
IME: Microsoft Pinyin 3.0

> how to download and use those plugins.

You need to tell us your OS and version, the Pidgin version and the 
service, and, in some cases the protocol, you want to use (we may not 
know the protocol for some private services, and some public services 
have a choice of more than one).

Also, so far, the only fault you have described is a failure to allow 
Chinese input.  You haven't even said what gets displayed locally and 
remotely when you try to do this.

> And wondering if there is better configuration for users who do not know 
> about computer code like us? I check on website and there are a lot of 

If you you are not at all computer literate, you are likely to have more 
success with the instant messaging client supplied by the service you 
are trying to use (and the service supplied by your ISP or you operating 
system vendor).

David Woolley
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