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your site doesn't help me at all and my computer refuses to download anything yes i have a msn account but it had been working fine i'm confused and lost with this whole program

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> Caitlyn Lloyd wrote:
> > I have an HP laptop and I have pidgin on it. It had been working fine 
> > for months but now it will not connect. I keep getting the message: 
> > Failed to connect to server. We had changed internet companies but for 
> > awhile Pidgin was fine but then it just stopped. Please help me.
> You probably meant to say that you use MSN.  Microsoft don't support 
> open source clients.  They changed the protocol.  You need to install 
> Pidgin 2.6.4 to catch up.
> If the problem is not with MSN, you are going to have to tell us more.
> A better subject would have been: '"Failed to connect to server" when 
> using MSN'.
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