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Sun Jan 3 22:33:19 EST 2010

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On Jan 3, 2010, at 18:09, Larry Ostroff wrote:
> Disregard first question - it was a dumb question re the dialogue box.
> It appears there is no way to send SMS's from the buddy list.  In other words, it appears I have to re enter mobile phone numbers every time I want to send a friend a text.  Is that the case?
> If so - are there any planned SMS functionality enhancements so that I can right click (or do something) and have SMS as an option, so that I don't have to enter number every time, and so that the name (rather than the number) appears when I receive a text from a person in my buddy list?

You can add a 'buddy' to your list consisting of the phone number in the right format.  Messages will then appear with the appropriate alias.

I don't know if anyone plans on implementing any other enhancements (and I personally have no interest in doing it; I don't use SMS-via-Pidgin); you should check and file enhancement requests as appropriate.

> Many thanks.
> From: larryo1011 at
> To: darkrain42 at
> Subject: RE: SMS
> Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 20:55:02 -0500
> I (re)set up my Yahoo IM in Pidgin, but do not see the New Instant Message dialog option.  Where is it?
> Also, can I (like I can with Yahoo Messenger and Digsby) set up numbers for mu contacts so that the name appears (rather than the phone number) when I receive an SMS to my Yahoo IM?
> Many thx for your help.


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