The infamous "Received unexpected response" error message ...

David Woolley forums at
Thu Jan 14 03:19:35 EST 2010

Andrew Kennis wrote:
> I did a bit of searching on good ol' ad-free (Google 
> searches without the ads and marketing info, I recommend this to 

How is Google paid for this?  Using the Google search engine but 
stripping the advertising would, almost certainly, be a copyright 
infringement.  Maintaining ones own crawler and search engine hardare 
would be very expensive.

> everyone) and already saw that folks have posted before about this error 
> message from AIM. Out of the clear blue sky, despite having used AIM on 

A good search engine would also have found the dozens of identical 
answers to this problem on the support list archives.

Please remember, though, that it is AOL that broke compatibility.

David Woolley
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