The infamous "Received unexpected response" error message ...

Kenneth Sande sandekt at
Wed Jan 13 19:15:31 EST 2010

Andrew Kennis wrote:
> Hello folks, 
> I did a bit of searching on good ol' ad-free (Google 
> searches without the ads and marketing info, I recommend this to 
> everyone) and already saw that folks have posted before about this 
> error message from AIM. Out of the clear blue sky, despite having used 
> AIM on Pidgin for a long time and having successfully tested my login 
> through AIM express, I started receiving this error message. It reads, 
> exactly, as follows: 
> Received unexpected response from: 
> What can I do to fix this? All the posts I saw from before were not 
> recent and not applicable to the most recent version I have (2.6.5). 
> Can anyone please help me? :)
> -Andrew
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