Mike 2writemike at
Wed Jan 20 13:09:59 EST 2010

I'm not the brightest person in Ubuntu, but I'm having troubles that I
hope you can help with.  

I just got my Mini 10 with Ubuntu from Dell.  I was having problems with
the update manager not working.  We fixed the problem, but I found my
Pidgin button was missing from the applications tab.  I went on-line and
found a suggested fix in the synaptic package manager.  I did the search
as instructed, and didn't find Pidgin.  

I then went on-line and downloaded Pidgin.  I got the program working,
but it appears to be an older version or something.  I put in both my
Yahoo Messenger addresses and tried to log in.  It gives me two error
boxes.  One says that it wasn't able to log in and the other says I have
an older version that is not supported.  

In any event, i just want my Pidgin back.  I promise to feed it and care
for it if you can please get it back to me.  How do I get the most
current version and get it working?  

Thank you and my lost Pidgin thanks you.  

Mike Coppoc

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