Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Fri Jan 22 02:10:52 EST 2010

And Mike spoke on 01/20/2010 10:09 AM, saying:
> I'm not the brightest person in Ubuntu, but I'm having troubles that I
> hope you can help with.  
> I just got my Mini 10 with Ubuntu from Dell.  I was having problems with
> the update manager not working.  We fixed the problem, but I found my
> Pidgin button was missing from the applications tab.  I went on-line and
> found a suggested fix in the synaptic package manager.  I did the search
> as instructed, and didn't find Pidgin.  
> I then went on-line and downloaded Pidgin.  I got the program working,
> but it appears to be an older version or something.  I put in both my
> Yahoo Messenger addresses and tried to log in.  It gives me two error
> boxes.  One says that it wasn't able to log in and the other says I have
> an older version that is not supported.  
> In any event, i just want my Pidgin back.  I promise to feed it and care
> for it if you can please get it back to me.

I wish people wouldn't feed the Pidgins.  They poop all over my car and
make a mess.

> How do I get the most current version and get it working?  
> Thank you and my lost Pidgin thanks you.  
> Mike Coppoc

I don't know what version of Ubuntu your laptop is running, but try
following the instructions at


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