GTalk via port 443

Дмитрий Комаровский komar at
Tue Jan 26 10:16:15 EST 2010

Good morning everyone!

I use Google Talk behind a firewall that only allows SSL connections
for port 443. When I try to conect to my account from Pidgin, I get
the error message "Unable to find alternative XMPP connection methods
after failing to connect directly." Also, I noticed that Pidgin does
not determine my public IP, but setting it manually does not help with
the problem. Setting the server and port 443 manually
doesn't help, checking the "Use old SSL port" checkbox doesn't help
Other messengers, such as psi or exodus work perfectly and only
require the port (443) and server ( to be set.

The question is: How can I make Pidgin work with Google Talk from
behind a firewall that only allows port 443 SSL connections?

Pidgin version is the latest 2.6.5 on Windows XP SP3, firewall is
Kerio WinRoute.



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