2 quick queries

K C andwan0 at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 28 07:13:54 EST 2010

I am wanting to migrate from Trillian to Pidgin. I am going to use Log
Converter+ to convert my Trillian chat history to Pidgin format. Will I be
able to just put the converted files into Pidgin chat/history folder and it
will work from then on? So if in Pidgin I want to browse through history of
current user am chatting to, it'll browse through the previously Trillian

Second query, am dual booting Windows 7 with Windows XP and Windows XP. With
Trillian it was able to operate as live-already-install... ie.. run Trillian
from another partition, even though it's not officially installed in this
partition. How can I go about doing this with Pidgin? Can Pidgin operate
without being officially installed in the current partition? I want to
obviously use the same Pidgin with the same chat/history... from different
partitions... Windows 7... Windows XP.. and Windows XP.
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