Finch On FreeBSD TTY Console

Programmer In Training pit at
Sun Jan 31 15:13:53 EST 2010

Are there any known issues with Finch on a TTY console (ctrl+F1-F7)?
I've been giving it a go the past few days and according to the man
page, I should be able to use alt+ any number of letters for various
functions (like alt+c to close a window). None of the alt+ controls work
for me. The only thing it catches is ctrl+c and then it asks me if I
want to exit Finch. I ask because whenever I add a new account, I have
to close Finch and reopen it to close the add account window. Is this a
FreeBSD issue or a known issue in Finch (I forget which version exactly
but it's the latest one in ports)?
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