Why all of the upgrades

Joelle Crepsac jcrepsac at stanford.edu
Wed Jun 2 16:31:17 EDT 2010



Thanks, for your comments; I think. 


I've suggested that 150 people (that do not have administrative
privileges) use this application; an application that has had something
close to 8 version changes in a few months. 


I don't consider that SO MANY revisions "active development"... 


I thought that I could actually get useful answer here; something that I
could share with the 150 people I suggested this program to; something
they could understand and relate to, and assist in creating some kind of
trust and security in changing from their former instant messaging

Unfortunately, the comments I've received so far aren't the type that
should probably be shared. 


I withdraw my inquiry; please refrain from further attacks. 


Thanks anyway. 





From: Joelle Crepsac [mailto:jcrepsac at stanford.edu] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 12:47 PM
Subject: Why all of the upgrades


Why is this program constantly being upgraded? 
I truly regret sharing it because it's CONSTANTLY revision versions.

Does anyone have any ideas when it will remain stable for 6 months or

It's truly a hassle, and I'm considering using something more stable. Any












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