Origin of Status-Name in Pidgin

Aaron Hoffman aaron at queencitytech.com
Fri Jun 4 13:08:38 EDT 2010


Recently, I've been doing some work to customize an iChat server for an
office of 300 users. Since there are a handful of Windows users, I setup
pidgin on those systems. Something that I was surprised by was that when you
hover over a user in the buddy list, it shows their name as the Status.
Where exactly does this come from? Or how is it being done?

The reason I ask, is because on the iChat server only the short name (uid)
comes up as their Name which makes it difficult to tell who everyone is in
the list. If I could someone replicate the manner in which the Status shows
their Full Name it would really help. I've been going through the pidgin
source code but haven't found where this happens. Any help would be greatly

Thank you in advance,
Aaron Hoffman
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