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Kevin Macksamie kevin.macksamie at
Mon Jun 14 14:54:23 EDT 2010


I am currently trying to make a plugin that creates two new accounts,
connects them, and then has them start talking. When the first message is
sent from the first account I keep getting that the other user is offline,
specifically "Unable to send message: Not logged in." However I have a
counter that increments each time the signed-on connection signal is
emitted. When both accounts are signed on, inside the signed-on signal
handler I initiate the conversation. Am I not allowing enough time for the
second account's connection to settle?

Also, I noticed that before I send the first message I get this message:
Message error with bn <second account name> and reason 4 and errcode 0

I haven't found anything on this error. Any information about both topics
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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