Pidgin and priviliges

Mateusz Szyper mateusz at
Mon May 3 12:44:19 EDT 2010

I encountered a problem with Pidgin. Im on Windows Vista Home. Pidgin works
only on accounts with admin priviliges. On "normal" user's account it seems
to work but is not able to connect. I'm sure the credentials are correct.
When I gave temporarily admin priviliges to this account - Pidgin
succesfullly connected to the Gadu-Gadu network. When i changed priviliges
to normal user - problems are back again. I thought that may be cause by
priviliges to the folder c:\windows\pidgin - i gave privliges to modify all
the files but nothing had changed.

Can sb help me and say what i have to do to make Pidgin work
*without*changing this windows account type to admin?

Thanks in advance

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