Pidgin 2.6.6-0.1 on openSuse Linux 11.0 - stuck in full screen, no titlebar

Patrick Martin bdrline07 at
Sun May 9 23:16:27 EDT 2010

Hi all;

Pidgin 2.6.6-0.1  libpurple 2.6.6-0.1
openSuse 11.0   kernel
Compiz 0.7.4-31.1
I don't know if it's pertinent or not, but resolution I run in is
1280x1024 24 bit

*I'm a mailing list newbie here*, but have been a Pidgin user for
several years (used Gaim for at least a few years).

Can someone explain how the startup command switch of:

    --display=DISPLAY   X display to use  I was in hurry yesterday and rather critically spazzed out
on Pidgin.  I mistakenly clicked to take it full screen.

Pidgin sure enough went full screen like it was instructed to, and then
some - I either don't have a title bar to Pidgin now, or it is just
totally off screen.  I would love to restore it to normal size, but the
minimize *-*, restore/maximize *[]*, and close *X *buttons no longer
exist, at least any place I can see them.  And it totally covers my
taskbar at the bottom...  Had it not have been for this last item, with
Pidgin running I would have just done steps to change resolution,
correct my Pidgin, and then go back to previous resolution.

It seems like that 'display' command line *might* be the tool I'm
looking for, I just want to bring it up so that it's not completely full
screen, and then hopefully I'll be able to see the restore/maximize *[]*
button so I can click Restore...

But it definitely looks right when I go to a root shell, and I setup my
accounts there - once logged in, I was able to resize as I wanted, but
it sure isn't that was in the account I normally use.

A command line of pidgin -h showed me the display info above, and
more.   I pulled up man pages and it doesn't address this.

In rather a frantic mode, I was looking/searching all over the place for
a pidgin.conf, which I never found.  And I'm rather gun-shy of touching
anything in the .purple folder.  But I know someplace Pidgin has things
saved to run in full-screen mode, which has kind of wasted me after a
bad click.

Or, I suppose if I deleted the two accounts I have in my preferred
login, I could just start fresh with Pidgin, I'm well up  to speed on
login info for Yahoo and AIM.

Sorry for the length of this email, but I was trying to be as inclusive
as possible.



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