About "Pidgin v2.6.6 can't use QQ anymore"

Santiago santiagochina at gmail.com
Wed May 12 07:14:22 EDT 2010

I am using Pidgin v2.6.6, and I can login my QQ.
You may edit your QQ account in your Pidgin client, and select
"Advance->client version" as "QQ2008".

Good luck!


>If you just want to use QQ under Linux, you can try the
>http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/, <http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/,>
>although it is very simple.

2010/4/28 Shuai Zhang <ianisafk at gmail.com

>* I am new for Pidgin. I downloaded Pidgin v2.6.6, MSN is working all right.
*>* But when I try to add and connect a QQ account , It said
*>* "尊敬的用户,您的QQ版本已经停止使用,
*>* 请到http://hi.qq.com下载并安装最新的QQ版本。给您带来不便,敬请谅解!"
which means "you cant use this
*>* version, please go to our website and download the current version".
*>* So what should I do now? Waiting for next version of Pidgin?
*>* Thanks
*>* Ian
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