Pidgin 2.6.6-0.1 on openSuse Linux 11.0 - stuck in full screen, no titlebar

Patrick Martin bdrline07 at
Fri May 14 15:56:55 EDT 2010

Hi Ethan;

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Patrick Martin spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> Can someone explain how the startup command switch of:
>>     --display=DISPLAY   X display to use
>>  I was in hurry yesterday and rather critically spazzed out
>> on Pidgin.  I mistakenly clicked to take it full screen.
> This doesn't do what you want.  It controls which X11 server Pidgin
> connects to.  We don't have a --geometry option, which would be what
> you want (but isn't very meaningful for Pidgin, which pops up many
> windows).
Below fixed me back up.  Thank you very much.  Here's it what those two
lines were previously set to:

    <pref name='width' type='int' value='1440'/>
                <pref name='height' type='int' value='900'/>

I input same numbers you recommended, and all is fine now.  And I'll
save this email in case I get stupid again and click the full screen
button, or whatever I did.

And yes, there is something with this version KDE too, I've lost title
bars to a couple other apps as well, though they were self-repairing
after restarting X.

And with running an older openSuse (11.0) I haven't been bounced thru
many KDE updates, this KDE is 4.0.4-6.1 - early stages of KDE 4
development, where it looks like 4.4.3 on my laptop.  And KDE 4 has been
going thru a big development process it seems.

Thanks again Ethan,

> You can edit ~/.purple/prefs.xml to change this size, if your wm isn't
> forcing it; look under the 'pidgin' section, in 'blist', for the prefs
> 'x' and 'y', 'width' and 'height':
>                         <pref name='x' type='int' value='0'/>
>                         <pref name='y' type='int' value='0'/>
>                         <pref name='width' type='int' value='250'/>
>                         <pref name='height' type='int' value='405'/>
> Change these to something sane.  The above values are sane on my
> display.  You need to do this when Pidgin is not running.
> More generally, you have a window manager problem, here.  It shouldn't
> resize windows such that you can't reach the handles, and if it does,
> it should provide you a way to fix that situation.  This isn't
> something that Pidgin itself (nor most X11 apps) handles.
> Ethan
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