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Anna Hall anna.hall at
Mon May 17 11:08:59 EDT 2010

Dear Pidgin Support,


I am writing to you to ask some rather simple-answer question. I am going to
be developing an Agent that'll send some IM messages to Yahoo!, AOL and MSN
(they will subscribe to the service first). I am currently working on the
project requirements and its spec. I would need to specify the maximum
message throughput and was wondering whether you could provide me with that
info. I tried finding it on your and libpurple website, I was not successful
in my search however.



Please would you be that kind and let me know what the maximum message limit
rate (messages/second) is for the following:

1.       Yahoo!,

2.       AOL,

3.       MSN.


Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,

Anna Hall

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