People don't read the mail list

Stu Tomlinson stu at
Tue May 18 10:56:17 EDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 11:26 +0200, David Balazic wrote:
> ... obviously (judging by the latest posts).
> Neither do they check the archives.
> So how about serving them the relevant information instead?
> Currently it seems to be:
>  - flash issue on Windows
>  - theme changing
>  - maybe one or two more I forgot

I don't have much hope for this working, given that you didn't mention
the possibility of listing these on the "Common issues" section we
already have, but I added some here :

There's probably a few that I missed or am not familiar with that
warrant adding to that (such as the theme changing you allude to).



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