key combinations (Euro symbol and others)

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Wed May 19 14:04:41 EDT 2010

Hi, i'm Angelo.
Sorry for my bad EN
Pidgin 2.7.0 on Winzozz XP SP3
but the problem is old...(for me) by system version and by pidgin version: 
i've start with 2.5.4 on Xp without sp...
I've read the support archive but without find solutions (I hope I've searched 
well, or are not able to find it)
I use pidgin for job more than for play, and often i need write other 
characters over the alfabetical ones
the prob: how i can use the key combination on my keyboard to input in one 
string the desired character? often i need to use the Euro symbol € or the 
symbol @,  the Diesis symbol # and the square brackets [ ]
So far, i've copied and pasted from the block note every time i've needed to 
write one of this.
There is other way to input this symbols in my dscussions or i must continue 
with this workaround?
thanks for the time spent on read this mex

Angelo Novelli
ndlsas1 at

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