key combinations (Euro symbol and others)

David Balazic David.Balazic at
Thu May 20 05:37:44 EDT 2010

ndlsas1 at wrote:
> Hi, i'm Angelo.
> Sorry for my bad EN
> Pidgin 2.7.0 on Winzozz XP SP3
> but the problem is old...(for me) by system version and by 
> pidgin version: 
> i've start with 2.5.4 on Xp without sp...
> I've read the support archive but without find solutions (I 
> hope I've searched 
> well, or are not able to find it)
> I use pidgin for job more than for play, and often i need write other 
> characters over the alfabetical ones
> the prob: how i can use the key combination on my keyboard to 
> input in one 
> string the desired character? often i need to use the Euro 
> symbol € or the 
> symbol @,  the Diesis symbol # and the square brackets [ ]
> So far, i've copied and pasted from the block note every time 
> i've needed to 
> write one of this.
> There is other way to input this symbols in my dscussions or 
> i must continue 
> with this workaround?
> thanks for the time spent on read this mex


I have Windows XP Professional SP3 and use Pidgin for a long time.
I could and can type all the characters on my keyboard in Pidgin
the same way as in any other program. Including Euro etc...

What keyboard layout do you use?
What are the other regional settings in Windows?
(Control Panel / Regional and Language options)
Values that could matter:
 - Standards and formats (on first tab)
 - Location
 - Languages tab / Details : Input language and keyboard layout (both)

In what part of Pidgin do you have the problem? Chat? What protocol?

David Balažic

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