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Charlotte Whitescarver spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I am "Dootersmom" and I have a slight problem.  There is a "person" 
> whose username is "Mpsiebel" that I do not know who keeps sending me
> spam messages about the cheap insurance he/she has purchased, etc..
> This "person" has also interrupted messages between my husband and me.
> My husband does not know who this "person" is, either!!
> I have blocked him/her but, this person keeps breaking through my block.

Pidgin is a piece of software, not an IM service.  You need to contact
the provider of your IM service (e.g., AOL or Yahoo!) regarding abuse.
We have no control over the management of their IM networks.

Note also that support at pidgin.im is a public mailing list, so please
do not send any personal information to the list.

All of that being said, if you have blocked a user in Pidgin, our
intention is that we do the right thing to make sure they are actually
blocked and you do not receive messages from them.  If you could let
us know what IM service you are using and what method you used to
block the user, we might be able to help yo figure out why they are
not being effectively blocked.


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