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Fri Oct 8 16:13:23 EDT 2010

Ray wrote:
> 您好!
> 飞信有支持2.7.3版本的更新么?我用的fetion_v0.97-1 不能连接上,不知道为什
> 么。

2.7.3 shi zui xin de!

zai support at pidgin.im ren yong yingwen.

There are a few characters I need to look up, but I think that he is 
saying that 飞信 (name of product?) only has version 2.7.3, is there a 
newer one.  He is using fetion_v0.97-1 (Linux distribution????) but is 
unable to connect (to what is not specified unless that is what fetion 
refers to).  He doesn't know why.

I've tried to say: 2.7.3 is the very latest.  On support at pidgin.im, one 
uses English.

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