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Fri Oct 8 17:26:00 EDT 2010

David Woolley wrote:

http://github.com/gradetwo/fetion you geng xin de fetion plugin (>0.98-5).

> There are a few characters I need to look up, but I think that he is 
> saying that 飞信 (name of product?) only has version 2.7.3, is there a 

Actually, this is the name of the service (flying letter). fetion seems 
to be an unusual, or regional, phonetic spelling. The normal phonetic 
spelling is feixin.

> newer one.  He is using fetion_v0.97-1 (Linux distribution????) but is 

fetion 0.97 is the plugin.  I guess this means it is a third party 
plugin and not supported here.  For 0.97, there seems to be no 
documentation or copyright statement in the source tree, so I can't work 
out where the official support channel is.  (Actually a couple of files 
have copyright notices for Thomas Butter, and GPL claims, but I think 
they are the result of an illegal derivation of the code - it doesn't 
meet the GPL distribution requirements ("Copying", proper copyright 
notices), even if it was intended to do so. (Unofficial Chinese 
translation of GPL: 

There is a 0.98-5+ version at <http://github.com/gradetwo/fetion>, but 
still no hint as to where to get support.  This includes login code 
updated on August 10th this year.

> unable to connect (to what is not specified unless that is what fetion 
> refers to).  He doesn't know why.

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