visibility settings per account instead of global?

Scratch csperber at
Thu Oct 21 10:38:23 EDT 2010

I have searched the FAQ and archives for this; apologies if it's been 
answered and i missed it.

In Adium, the individual status settings for each account I have include 
"invisible" as an option. So I can be visible on my AIM account but be 
invisible on one of my yahoo accounts. (which is exactly what I often do)

I canot find this in Pidgin; I only see the global status drop-down at 
the bottom of the main window and this appears to affect all accounts. I 
can individually disable accounts via the "accounts" menu, but that is 
not what I am trying to do.

Am I missing this or is it not available in Pidgin? I am running 2.66 in 
Ubuntu. Thanks!

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