Permanent on- and offline problem with the ICQ module

Hartmut freemlist at
Tue Sep 7 06:18:02 EDT 2010


i use the actual version of Pidgin (2.7.3). My problem is, that the
client goes offline after a few minutes. Then, after a few minutes it
reconnects and after the next few minutes it disconnect again.

The debug log shows me:
(11:47:41) proxy: Connecting to
(11:47:41) proxy: Error connecting to
(Verbindungsabbruch wegen Zeitüberschreitung.).
(11:47:41) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Verbindungsabbruch wegen
(11:47:41) oscar: unable to connect to FLAP server of type 0x0002
(11:47:41) connection: Connection error on 07A38530 (reason: 0
description: Verbindung zum BOS-Server nicht möglich:
Verbindungsabbruch wegen Zeitüberschreitung.)
(11:47:41) account: Disconnecting account 26159295 (006B5910)
(11:47:41) connection: Disconnecting connection 07A38530
(11:47:41) oscar: Destroying oscar connection of type 0x0002.
Disconnect reason is 0
(11:47:41) oscar: Disconnected.  Code is 0x0000 and msg is
(11:47:41) oscar: Signed off.

What could i do?


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