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Raphael Hickling mrhickling at
Tue Sep 7 12:42:59 EDT 2010

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick response and clarifying my questions.

If I do decide to go the server route, I will be sure to reach out.


On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 6:12 PM, Daniel Atallah <datallah at> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 11:40, Raphael Hickling <mrhickling at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Ralph Hickling and I am doing research on various IM tools
>> to integrate into my site and I came across your site. Currently I am
>> in the process of creating my website(which I am keeping in low
>> profile) and will need a reliable company to assist with the messaging
>> portion of my site. If you dont mind I would like to ask a few
>> questions. But before I do, I want to give a small background about my
>> website. My site is being programmed in ruby on rails and will be
>> hosted on My site will have a one to many relationship
>> with my users, where users will interact with only one screen name per
>> messaging tool(aim,msn,gchat). So each user will have unique responses
>> and I rarely will send mass messages. Ok so here are my questions:
>> 1. Is Pidgin the tool that can help me?
>> 2. Is there a limit on how many characters can send/receive?
>> 3. Is there a limit on how many friends I(my usernames) can have for
>> each Messaging tool?
>> 4. Do you work with blackberry messenger?
>> 5. Can your API work with Ruby on Rails?
>> 6. Does the SMS and/or IM tools have reserved words I should be aware of?
>> I look forward into hearing back to you.
> We are not a "Company" - Pidgin is a volunteer-run open source project.
> Pidgin is a installed software client, it cannot be used to drive your
> website directly.
> Libpurple (the IM library that pidgin uses) can theoretically be used
> on a server something like what you're talking about, but will require
> a substantial amount of development work (you'll have to do that
> yourself or find someone to do that for you).
> It isn't possible to communicate with Blackberry messenger with libpurple.
> The rest of your questions are protocol/implementation specific.
> -D

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