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Sun Sep 12 14:43:20 EDT 2010

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>   Pidgin Feature Requests (~!~ me ~!~)
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> Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 04:31:51 -0400 
> 1) Every time I log into my yahoo accounts through pidgin I get about 10 or
> 15 friend requests that are actually spam bots trying to get me to add them
> to my friend list. It would be nice if Pidgin allowed me to block all friend
> requests, conference requests, and any other requests. To make it even
> better, it could block all friend requests unless the user is already on my
> friend list, that way I could add a friend and not have to turn off the
> friend request block when the friend tries to add me.
Have you looked at any of the Pidgin Add-ons? There are two that might 
provide you
relief from Spammers. "bOt_tOOls or "Bot Sentry".

I had problems with spammers when using AOL/AIM protocol, and installed 
"Bot Sentry".
Now, nothing shows up as a request. I have also seen IM requests when I 
open my Yahoo
Email account that don't show up in my Pidgin execution.

The link for "bOt tOOls" appears to be broken. "Bot Sentry" is 
downloaded from "sourceforge <>"

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