Stuck in "move tab mode"

Jimmy Fisher jimmyfisher at
Fri Apr 1 11:50:10 EDT 2011

I'm not sure how to put this... but here goes. Lately Pidgin's been
behaving as if I'm moving tabs around no matter what's happening.
Anytime I've got a message window open there are two little pink
arrows indicating where the tab will go (as if I've just taken hold of
one tab with the mouse, try it) and my cursor changes to the four-way
arrow indicating that I'm moving something. Those little pink arrows I
described stay on top of any window and move according to my cursor
position no matter if Pidgin is active or not. Clicking a tab to
select it actually moves the tabs around rather than selecting a
tab... so far restarting Pidgin will fix it, but only temporarily.



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