How can i fix the display problem with pidgin

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Sat Apr 2 09:21:33 EDT 2011

Hallo guys.  I am a blind person.  I have to use pidgin to talk to my mxit buddies.  My screen reader don't want to read pidgin's conversation window.  I know that there arn't any screen readers that support pidgin so i have to make do with what i've got.  So i enlarge the fonts in pidgin.  But guys sometimes and more frequently these days pidgin loads a conversation window and the display is terrible. Can you please look in to the matter for me?  Thank you.  It's a pitty that the conversation window isn't just text based or else my screen reader would read it.  You know i am not asking the world to adapt to me All i am asking is people to find ideas to help me adapt to the rest of the world.  Thanx again for the hep. Corrie
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