How can i fix the display problem with pidgin

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Sun Apr 3 16:40:44 EDT 2011

Kwagga Productions spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hallo guys.  I am a blind person.  I have to use pidgin to talk to my
> mxit buddies.  My screen reader don't want to read pidgin's
> conversation window.  I know that there arn't any screen readers that
> support pidgin so i have to make do with what i've got.  So i enlarge
> the fonts in pidgin.  But guys sometimes and more frequently these
> days pidgin loads a conversation window and the display is terrible.
> Can you please look in to the matter for me?  Thank you.  It's a pitty
> that the conversation window isn't just text based or else my screen
> reader would read it.  You know i am not asking the world to adapt to
> me All i am asking is people to find ideas to help me adapt to the
> rest of the world.  Thanx again for the hep. Corrie

Are you in Windows?

Pidgin actually uses a widget toolkit which has extensive support for
screen reading and other accessibility measures.  They may not work in
Windows, or may require additional effort to plumb into your Windows
screen reading software.  The toolkit is called Gtk+, you may wish to
search around the web and see if there is a standard solution for
screen reading with Gtk+ on Windows.

If you're not on Windows ... it really should work, and we'd love to
know why it doesn't, so we can fix it.

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