please help me

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Wed Apr 6 04:58:59 EDT 2011

Dear friends,


This aplication is very good and vorks fine. But I am dum or what but I can
not find any possibility how to start spell checker for english language. I
put the dictionary .


Versions 2.7.0 and newer use the dictionaries available from the
> openoffice download site. You need to download the appropriate language
zip file(s) (files are in the form of two-character language code followed
by a two-character country code - United States English is Once
you have downloaded the dictionary zip file, you need to extract it to
<Pidgin Installation Directory>\spellcheck\share\enchant\myspell\ (create
the directories if they don't exist already). If Pidgin is running, it needs
to be restarted for new dictionaries to be used. 


. here but nothing happend.


Please help me, thx very much


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