Video chat to a mac

Dylan Thurston dpt at
Sat Apr 9 22:18:54 EDT 2011


I've been having trouble getting video chat working to a user on a
mac.  I'm using pidgin 2.7.11 on Debian unstable, and video chat to
another Debian user works beautifully.  But I haven't been able to
connect to a Mac user (10.6, Snow Leopard).

The first thing we tried was building or installing pidgin for the
mac, but ran in to some dependency problems.  We can keep working on
that, but will pidgin support video on the mac if the dependency
problems are solved?  I couldn't find a definitive statement.  (I
found the definitive statement about Windows.)

The other thing we tried was using Google Talk on the mac, through
their plugin.  Audio chat works fine this way, but we don't get any
video (either direction).  Google Talk did work from the mac to
another mac.

Is this a known problem?  If not, where should we look to get more

	Dylan Thurston

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