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Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun Apr 10 09:30:28 EDT 2011

Silvia spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi, several months ago I wrote to you about a problem with my pidgin account
> (using another email account with my full name). I discovered that my email
> has been publicly "spread out"  and now my name, surname and email address
> appear in several lines on google search.

The information pages for this mailing list on (found at, where you sign up
if you sign up through our server) state:

    THIS LIST IS PUBLIC! Any information you send here will be visible
    to the world forever. DO NOT SEND PASSWORDS.

> I think you should ask the consensus to the customers to public their email
> with full names and email addresses included... or if you are already asking
> you have to be clearer and allow them to deny the publication.

There are two problems here.  This explanation will not solve your
problem, but it may help you understand how it occurred and why we're
not going to be able to satisfy your request.

1) This is normal operating procedure for mailing lists.  If you're
   not familiar with mailing lists, then let this be a lesson learned.
   Some archives mask some information (for example, Google Groups and
   Yahoo! Groups mask email addresses for non-subscribers), but this
   is not at all universal.

2) Other users and other services are free to archive mailing lists
   themselves.  The Pidgin mailing lists are archived on Nabble,
   Gmane,, and dozens of less well-known mailing list
   aggregators.  We can do nothing about this.

> I kindly ask you to cancel my email from your public support tables.

We cannot help you here.  Even if we purged your name and address from
the archives on (which we will not, because it's ineffective
anyway), this cat is out of the bag.

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