visibility settings for googletalk not working? [was: visibility settings per account]

Scratch csperber at
Wed Apr 27 11:10:56 EDT 2011

re-visiting this old question with an update... have been trying to set 
a status where I am visible in my AIM account but invisible in my gtalk 

despite installing the GTalk invisible plug-in, googling extensively for 
solutions and trying several of them, and creating a few custom 
statuses, this still eludes me.

In the custom status options, the "use different statuses for some 
accounts" originally did not include an "invisible" option for the 
googletalk account. So instead, I created a status with the primary 
status set to "invisible;" then under "use different statuses for some 
accounts" I set the status of the AIM account to "available." I would 
connect as "invisible," then select this custom setting, and I thought 
it was working as desired: invisible in gtalk, visible in AIM.

I THOUGHT I had tested and confirmed that it worked... but... (I wont 
need to use this status much until a few weeks from now)...

Now I cannot be invisible at all in the googletalk. account.

I do see that I can in fact now choose "invisible" as an option for 
googletalk under "use different statuses for some accounts." But whether 
I use that custom setting, or just change my global status to 
"invisible," I remain visible to people in gtalk, if that account is 

Perplexed. This would be a very useful feature for me, don't know what I 
am missing here. (The googletalk account is set up to use the XMPP 
protocol; tried changing it to "googletalk" but it reverts to XMPP. It 
is a google apps googletalk account, under a managed domain, if that 
makes a difference...)

Thanks for any help here.

On 10/21/2010 10:23 AM, Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 09:38:23AM -0500, Scratch wrote:
>> I have searched the FAQ and archives for this; apologies if it's been
>> answered and i missed it.
>> In Adium, the individual status settings for each account I have include
>> "invisible" as an option. So I can be visible on my AIM account but be
>> invisible on one of my yahoo accounts. (which is exactly what I often do)
>> I canot find this in Pidgin; I only see the global status drop-down at the
>> bottom of the main window and this appears to affect all accounts. I can
>> individually disable accounts via the "accounts" menu, but that is not what
>> I am trying to do.
>> Am I missing this or is it not available in Pidgin? I am running 2.66 in
>> Ubuntu. Thanks!
> The 'New...' and 'Saved...' dialogs allow you to do this sort of thing in
> pidgin. See the expander at the bottom of the status editor window.
>      -Etan

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