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Fábio Rodrigues fabio at
Sat Feb 5 06:24:35 EST 2011

Hello, what happened to me was:
He used Pidgin to manage multiple accounts, among them a SAC (Support for
Customers). Suddenly I needed to add a vendor that had a @ hotmail with msn,
but he added and said the name ... was not valid @ hotmail. Quit Pidgin and
went straight on MSN. To my surprise I had over 50 customers who were
awaiting approval to add them to my account. It was then that I realized the
extent hotmail was not working on Pidgin. So I sought support on IRC Pidgin,
there was counseled to use MSN-PECAN and change the account type to MSN WLM,
henceforth Pidgin began accepting hotmail. But very strange problems, such
as "it is not possible to add one more for the User list is full", "bad
management of users blocked, " I fail to feel more confidence in using
Pidgin. I'm currently using Trillian and gave no problem ... but I would go
back to Pidgin if it worked normally.
Excuse my English because I'm from Brazil and speak Portuguese, I am using
Google Translator.
Congratulations for your support.


Fábio Rodrigues

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Ethan Blanton wrote:
> David Woolley spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> Fábio Rodrigues wrote:
>>> Hello, Pidgin is not adding Hotmail users. Is there an update to fix 
>>> this error?
>> Depends on what version of Pidgin you are running!  There is no known 
>> problem on 2.7.9.
> Actually, it's been reported a number of times here, in IRC, and in 
> the bug tracker.  See, for example:

Ah.  If the actual error message had been given, it might have rung a bell.
I wonder if this is the same basic problem as the buddies don't appear
online problem.

Unfortunately both tickets have sanitised the user name, and I rather
suspect it is some non-ASCII character in the username that is triggering
problem, as most reporters seem to be from non-ASCII countries.

> So far as I know, we don't know why it's happening.  It doesn't happen 
> to everyone.

David Woolley
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