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Fri Feb 4 17:46:41 EST 2011

On Fri, 04 Feb 2011 22:20:33 +0000, David Woolley
<forums at> was claimed to have wrote:

>I wonder if this is the same basic problem as the buddies don't 
>appear online problem.
>Unfortunately both tickets have sanitised the user name, and I rather 
>suspect it is some non-ASCII character in the username that is 
>triggering problem, as most reporters seem to be from non-ASCII countries.

I've been running into the same issue on and off with bog-standard ASCII
characters, pidgin on both ends.

I fired up the native Microsoft MSN/Live/whatever-it's-called-this-week
client and the "missing" contact didn't appear so I've tended to believe
it's an issue on the server side.

In my case, if I re-add the "missing" user they appear online instantly
(and they don't get the request to be added) but after being offline for
some time the user once again appears offline.

Having the two problem contacts delete each other, then re-add each
other seems to have helped in at least one case, although there might be
some luck involved.

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