Ubuntu and ICQ

Michael Wolf mwolf at nethere.com
Mon Feb 7 18:09:58 EST 2011

I just finished the laborious task of upgrading my system from Ubuntu 9.04 
to 10.04, a 16 hour process, which I did, in part, because ICQ was no 
longer supported on my kernel (come on guys, backwards compatibility).

Still no ICQ.

Then I found out that despite being in "Get Software", I can't reinstall 
the latest Pidgin because its not supported in Ubuntu.

So I downloaded the PPA from the Pidgin website, which is supposed to fix 
this by installing the newer libpurple library.  I asked for the updates, 
despite it asking for precisely the same versions I had before (libpurple0).

Obviously, it didn't install a newer version of libpurple, which I 
understand fixes the ICQ issue.  Synaptic still says I have libpurple0, and 
there is no documentation or link to this library so I can manually 
download it from Pidgin's website and install it.

I am NOT a command-line user.  I prefer to use the GUI software created for 
idiots like me who can't remember 10s of thousands of command line commands 
and the specific syntax Linux requires.  Please let me know how this can be 
resolved, bearing in mind that I don't know much about command line and 
that I prefer to use GUIs, and that these GUIs were created for a reason, 
so people like me don't have to depend on people like you for running Linux.

Thank you.

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