Fixed, No Thanks

Michael Wolf mwolf at
Tue Feb 8 12:08:25 EST 2011

Well despite a rude Richard Laager (look dude, I'm sorry I didn't see your 
request to send to the list.  I've suffered brain damage, and the request 
was stuffed in under the headers because you didn't clean up your reply, so 
no, I didn't see it, and no, I didn't think to reply to the list because 
you replied to me, not the list, which is what I expected because its how 
every other list I've used in the past works - so please tell me how my not 
seeing your request justifies your not replying to help?) and not a single 
other soul on the list offering to help, the problem is fixed.

I really would like to suggest that people who do SUPPORT for open source 
software learn to please be a little more understanding of other peoples' 
perspective and not be so rude.  You're really setting people off from 
wanting to join the open source community.  And while you might find it 
nice to have your own little club, it doesn't help the spirit of what the 
open source community is - a "healthy" alternative to greedy American 
corporations and their "Trusted Computing" crap.  There are people out 
there who despise Windows and Google and just want sane operating system 
software.  I used to be a hell of a programmer before I suffered brain 
damage, but when I was a programmer, I created GUIs and HMI as front ends 
to test and automation software, and I always made sure they were easy to 
use, for everyone.  Because computers are for everyone, after all, even us 
brain damaged former programmers.  And just as computers and software 
should be easy on the user, so should support.  And not replying to someone 
because they didn't see a basically encoded request is not user-friendly, 
its rude, and uneccessary.

I stopped using this support list for these reasons long ago, when I was 
less patient with nonsense.  I won't use this list because logically, it is 
not a viable resource for support.  And given that the solution to the 
problem was simply changing the login information, which means you guys 
know this and didn't put it prominently on your website and didn't release 
an update which corrected the problem, I rather think I'll start shopping 
for a new chat program.  Fortunately, one's already installed on my 
computer, thanks to Ubuntu telling me what software I should run, so hey, 
I'll give it a try.

I know you don't appreciate the feedback.  But please don't bother me or 
harass me.

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