Fixed, No Thanks

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Feb 8 12:42:21 EST 2011

Michael Wolf spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Well despite a rude Richard Laager (look dude, I'm sorry I didn't
> see your request to send to the list.  I've suffered brain damage,
> and the request was stuffed in under the headers because you didn't
> clean up your reply, so no, I didn't see it, and no, I didn't think
> to reply to the list because you replied to me, not the list, which
> is what I expected because its how every other list I've used in the
> past works - so please tell me how my not seeing your request
> justifies your not replying to help?) and not a single other soul on
> the list offering to help, the problem is fixed.

I see only one email to this list from you since Sep 2009, and it was
yesterday.  I see nothing from rlaager to you at all.  If you're
complaining about some exchange that took place in private mail, we'll
either need context or you'll have to work it out in private.

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