File Transfers in Pidgin

David Woolley forums at
Thu Feb 10 03:21:30 EST 2011

M. J. O'Neill wrote:
> I am unable to send or receive files of any kind in Pidgin. I am running 

Are you using it from an office network (and therefore, almost 
certainly, from behind a firewall)?

> the latest version of the program on a Win7 system. The installation of 

This list is archived indefinitely, and available to search engines. 
Also some people are confused about the identity of the latest version. 
  Can you confirm that you mean 2.7.10? (I don't think this will be any 
better than 2.7.9, as it is only a security fix.)

> I chat with people on MSN & AIM & Yahoo & GTalk. No one can send me
> files & I can send no one files.

For Yahoo and MSN, are you using their respective services?  If not 
which of the services are you using?

If this were just MSN, might 
have applied, but as it is general, I suspect a firewall

David Woolley
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