File Transfers in Pidgin

M. J. O'Neill mjo at
Thu Feb 10 03:02:09 EST 2011

I am unable to send or receive files of any kind in Pidgin. I am running the
latest version of the program on a Win7 system. The installation of Pidgin
appears to have completed successfully with each upgrade. I found 1 plugin
included in Pidgin that is supposed to auto-accept transfer requests. It is
configured correctly & activated.

I have never been able to send or receive files. If I drag/drop a file onto
the window I see a transfer dialog but the intended recipient is never
prompted for the transfer.

I never receive prompts when people attempt to send files to me.

I chat with people on MSN & AIM & Yahoo & GTalk. No one can send me files &
I can send no one files.

I see things in the online help regarding limits to number of files
transferred but nothing about HOW TO TRANSFER a file.

I LOVE Pidgin! It's great to be able to use this 1 program to chat on all
the popular services. But I do need to be able to send & receive files

Any help? I am not subscribed to this list so please email me directly with
any answers.

Thanks in advance!

mjo at
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