2.7.10 is out ? Was: File Transfers in Pidgin

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Thu Feb 10 08:56:55 EST 2011

David Balažic spake unto us the following wisdom:
> David Woolley wrote:
> >   Can you confirm that you mean 2.7.10? (I don't think this 
> > will be any 
> > better than 2.7.9, as it is only a security fix.)
> 2.7.10 is out?
> It is a security fix?
> Since sunday?
> No announcement was made on the list?
> Relese notification plugin does not see it as worth of mentioning?
> Why do I even bother?

Don't get all of your information from support@, you'll often be
sorely mistaken.

2.7.10 was released this past weekend.

It *does* contain a security fix, but it's not one you should need to
worry about.  The bug it fixes is not remotely exploitable, cannot
crash Pidgin, and does not divulge any information.  It's just a
cleanup which causes intermediate password computations used during
login to be stored in memory for a shorter period of time.

It also contains many other things, this release was *not* made for
the security fix, and the release is *not* only a security fix.
However, none of the fixes are particularly critical for most users.

The release notification plugin will be updated soon.  This release
wasn't critical enough to warrant rushing out and plugging it right
in.  Someone who knows how to update that mechanism will take care of
it in time.

And ... I'm not sure why you do or don't bother with what.  I didn't
understand that comment.  This really isn't a big deal.

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